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We Want Strong National Food Security Bill

Demand for strong pro-people Odisha Food Security Bill !


Do extend your support by signing this petition to help us achieve our target of 1 million signatures to build pressure on the honorable Chief Minister and the Odisha State Government to bring Food Security Bill that will truly benefit the millions people lying below the poverty line…


Dear friends,


The Article 47 and Article 21 of our constitution direct the States to provide nutritious food to live a better Life.

In this context Government of India has introduced the National Food security Bill 2013 at Lok Sabha and similarly The Government of Odisha provided 25 Kg rice @ Re. 1.00 to all BPL families & all KBK Districts families. But the Government of Chhattisgarh is one step ahead from both Govt. of Odisha & Central Government. On 18th January 2013 Chhattisgarh Govt. passed the Chhattisgarh Food Security Act 2012. As per this act only 10% of Chhattisgarh residents who pay income tax or property tax and those who own over 4 hectares of irrigated or 8 hectares of non-irrigated land in non-scheduled areas will be excluded as a result 90% of the public will get benefit from the of Food security act.

In National Food Security Bill, Central Government made has two groups i.e. priority group & general group. In these categories there are more chances of manipulation. On the other hand the bill provides only Rice, wheat, coarse grains only and no nutritious foods.

“ODISHA SHRAMAJEEBEE MANCH” the forum of peoples’ organization has taken the initiative for a strong Food Security Act for the poor people of Odisha. We have already sent post cards, petitions to PM and CM and are now collecting 10 Lakh signatures from rural areas for Odisha for a strong Odisha Food Security Act.

We now seek support of the online urban community to get 1 million e-petitions.

“ODISHA SHRMAJEEBEE MANCH” condemns the bill and demands the following amendments in the bill

o    To remove Priority and General Categories from the bill and include all the households to avoid the irregularities regarding the food security in the food security bill. Families to be excluded should be

·        Any family with a member employed by the government, Private Company or in Business.

·        Having more than 10 Acers of non-irrigated land more than 5 Acers of irrigated land.

·        Families owning a Tractor, mechanical Boat or a four-wheel vehicle.

Each household should get 35 K.G. of rice @ 1 rupee. All households should be provided with 3 K.G. of Dal, 1 litter of edible oil & 2 K.G. of sugar @ Rs. 10.00. All food items should be seal packed distributed to avoid the irregularities. If any Household is not able to purchase the PDS stuffs, then there should be provision of carrying forward of it for the next month and up-to the next two months. The PDS center must be established maximum within two Kilo Meter from the village. The PDS center must be opened for two days a week. Procurement should be decentralized and done locally.



With warm regards


Anjan Pradhan



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